WE-FORM | Member of the REMUS Group

WE-FORM | Member of the REMUS Group


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WE-FORM (WE-FORM GmbH) unifies modern materials with innovative metal and tube forming technologies by delivering best components and modules to its customer– simply, adding value to your system.

WE-FORM guides its customers from first ideation, product development, prototyping down to robust serial supplies.

With headquarters in Austria and a financial sound private ownership structure, WE-FORM is a preferred partner to automotive companies and mobility system provider around the globe.


We are technology leader, our expertise was enhanced in automotive applications over the years, which we nowadays exploit in various premium mobility solutions.

Increasing requirements on cost, performance, weight and reduction of noise and emissions drive us.

The center for all we do are our customers’ needs and problems. Via the most efficient combination of our core competencies we develop and manufacture the best product or module solution at highest quality standards.

In all we do: we add value to our customers system.